Tune in twice a week as Michael Girdley, Bill D'Alessandro, Mills Snell, and Heather Endresen break down businesses that have hit the market.
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What You Can Expect To Learn With Acquanon

Identify your Objectives
Why do you want to acquire a business? Expansion, new market, tech/IP acquisition, or investment returns? We talk about this on every episode.
Research and Identify Target Businesses
Every week we try to bring a new deal from a different industry. This will help you Identify potential target businesses that align with your objectives. 
Conduct Due Diligence
What questions you should ask, and what documents you should review when dealing with a business opportunity? Learn how our hosts think about the due diligence process.
We always try to determine the fair market value of the business, considering factors such as financial performance, market conditions, industry benchmarks, and future growth potential.
Secure Financing
Spoiler alert: not all businesses will get a loan approval. Should you use your own funds to secure debt financing from other lenders or raise equity from investors?
How To Discover Opportunities
Find businesses that might be up for sale but aren't shouting about it. It's all about finding those hidden gems in the business world before anyone else does.

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Meet The Hosts

Michael is one of the most popular content producers on SMB M&A on Twitter. He is Chairman and co-founder of Dura Software, the second largest company in San Antonio, also a partner at the Geekdom Fund: a seed-stage tech VC Fund that has invested in over 50 high-growth tech companies. He is a former CEO of Alamo Fireworks.

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Mills is currently leading Aqua Seal Roofing as a COO. He has a background as an investor, former VP of Permanent Equity. Prior to that, Mills owned a sell-side M&A advisory firm where he worked with lower middle market companies advising them on transition and succession planning.

Mills Snells
Head of Design
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Bill is a lifelong entrepreneur with a background as a founder, investment banker, and programmer. He is currently Founder CEO of Elements Brands, a business focused on acquiring and scaling consumer product companies on the internet.

Bill D'Alesandro
Head of Design
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Heather has held leadership positions in banks of all sizes over her more than 30 year banking career. Heather is currently leading Viso Business Capital, whose mission is to help borrowers navigate the changing credit appetites of SBA lending banks, as well as to give those banks a more efficient channel to locate lending opportunities that fit well within their risk/reward parameters.  

Heather Endreesen
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