Acquisitions Anonymous

An eCom business at 2x profits?! - Acquisitions Anonymous Episode 121

September 07, 2022 Bill D'Alessandro, Mills Snell, & Michael Girdley Episode 121
Acquisitions Anonymous
An eCom business at 2x profits?! - Acquisitions Anonymous Episode 121
Show Notes

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Michael Girdley (@Girdley) and Bill D’Alessandro (@BillDA) talk about an eCommerce business in Africa. This is an extremely cool deal as this focuses on women and mothers in Africa, not only that we also get to unpack how this is different from similar businesses in the US and what it’s at stake here. 


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Show Notes:

(00:00) - Introduction

(00:24) - Deal & financials: African eCommerce site

(00:55) - What does the seller need? What are they looking for?

(03:45) - What are our initial reactions, and what do we enjoy most?

(05:00) - What do we think about these margins?

(05:44) - First red flag: What is it?

(06:46) - What are the foreseeable challenges for running this business?

(07:39) - There’s no UPS in Africa… What are the alternatives?

(09:18) - What are the risks of investing abroad in an unknown environment?

(11:30) - Financial considerations if you want to acquire this business

(14:13) - Our Sponsor is Live Oak Bank

(15:36) - What is so interesting about the product-market fit?

(18:40) - What are technological and societal challenges?

(23:20) - Specifically, how should an international transaction be arranged for maximum efficiency?

(24:12) - Final considerations about the market and its maturity


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