Acquisitions Anonymous

A fireworks store and a ski rental business for sale - Acquisitions Anonymous Episode 108

July 21, 2022 Bill D'Alessandro, Mills Snell, & Michael Girdley Episode 108
Acquisitions Anonymous
A fireworks store and a ski rental business for sale - Acquisitions Anonymous Episode 108
Show Notes

Michael Girdley (@Girdley) and Bill D’Alessandro (@BillDA) talk about two cool deals relevant to holiday vacations: A ski rental in Colorado and a fireworks store in Oklahoma. Both are traditional-type businesses. We get to determine if these crazy, fun deals are indeed interesting in terms of real estate captures, scales, wholesales, moats, and if the risk would be worth expanding the businesses.


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Show Notes:

(00:00) - Introduction
(00:53) - Our sponsor is Guardian Due Diligence
(02:09) - Deal 1: Ski rental shop for sale
(04:21) - Financials and price: Do they make sense?
(05:09) - What makes this deal catch the eyes of the buyer?
(08:07) - What are the retail risks of the deal? What is the key factor to this deal?
(09:27) - The value captures from Real Estate: How to protect yourself as a buyer?
(12:39) - What are the limitations of this Deal? How does the location act as a limit for this business?
(13:56) - The Deal’s trap: Think about the lifestyle choice
(20:17) - Deal 2: Fireworks business
(22:54) - Why would we say the seller has 2 operations?
(24:13) - What about the retail part of the business?
(24:42) - The situation for wholesale: Should we consider it valuable?
(25:59) - What are the growth opportunities here?
(28:11) - What are the regulations and permitting requirements if you want to add another business to the store? Is it worth entering risky retail markets?
(31:08) - Commoditized product risk: defendable or vulnerable?
(32:25) - Moats, scale, and building a defensible business



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