Acquisitions Anonymous

A Dog Dental Care Business! - Acquisitions Anonymous Episode 104

June 24, 2022 Bill D'Alessandro, Mills Snell, & Michael Girdley Episode 104
Acquisitions Anonymous
A Dog Dental Care Business! - Acquisitions Anonymous Episode 104
Show Notes

Michael Girdley (@Girdley) and Bill D’Alessandro (@BillDA), and Mills Snell (@thegeneralmills) are joined by Peter Wirtshafter (@PeterWirt) to discuss 2 Deals: A dog teeth cleaning business and a Radon business. Peter has a background in sales which made the exchange interesting since his approach lets him evaluate potential growth opportunities based on his current skills.

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Show Notes:

(0:00) - Intro

(0:57) -

(2:18) - Peter’s story and background in sales & operations

(5:00) - How does your sales background affect your SMB search?

(8:27) - What common mistakes do you see in the process of acquiring a business? How do you evaluate the potential of a company?

(10:00) - Deal 1: A dog dental cleaning business

(13:07) - Challenges that we can foresee through the listing?

(14:30) - The channel partner acquisition strategy: Leverage your network into new customers

(16:40) - Is it capital intensive? What is the competitive advantage of this?

(20:15) - How is our read on the niche? What makes this an interesting business?

(23:26) - How do you think of the operational side of the business? What risks should we think of?

(30:00) - How do you think about the business size, and your risk profile?

(34:35) - What are you paying for here? What do we think about the price?

(39:50) - Deal 2: A Radon service business for sale

(44:25) - How do we think about it? What should we ask the seller?

(48:25) - What is wrong with the price? 

(53:40) - What should you be asking yourself when looking at this business?


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