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Getting rich owning a school!? - With Prateek Aneja - Acquisitions Anonymous Episode 103

June 17, 2022 Bill D'Alessandro, Mills Snell, & Michael Girdley Episode 103
Acquisitions Anonymous
Getting rich owning a school!? - With Prateek Aneja - Acquisitions Anonymous Episode 103
Show Notes

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Michael Girdley (@Girdley) and Bill D’ Alessandro(@BillDA) are joined by Prateek (@prateekaneja), we talk about 2 Government compliance moats where the first one is a healthcare college in California and the second one is a home healthcare business in Connecticut. Let’s take a deep dive into how to generate great margins by allowing the actual service-providing side of the business to maintain compliance with a great moat.

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Show Notes:

(00:00) - Introduction
(01:28) - Our sponsor is
(03:48) - First Deal: A Profitable Accredited California Healthcare College with title IV for sale
(04:26) - What does Title IV mean? Why does it matter?
(06:15) - What are the highlights of California Healthcare College?
(08:29) - How profitable is this knowing that it has a good margin?
(10:24) - What are the online trends in the market? Is this a different business or layered on the fixed cost base?
(13:23) - Is it a good thing when the college has an impressive title composite score of 2.77 and a 90/10 ratio of 85%?
(16:06) - How is the scale or lack thereof of this business?
(17:45) - What are the risks of acquiring the business?
(19:30) - Have they built a compliance machine?
(23:11) - 300-year old School in South Francisco
(26:21) - Second Deal: a nonmedical home care service in Connecticut
(28:32) - What is so striking about Home Healthcare?
(30:57) - How does this business interact with government money? Is it related to the Social Services that they offer?
(31:55) - What are the Pros and Cons of federal and state governments funding low-income individuals as a revenue source?
(37:57) - Why would someone consider this a good business?

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