Acquisitions Anonymous

Weird & Wonderful War Stories with Clint Fiore - Acquisitions Anonymous Episode 102

June 15, 2022 Bill D'Alessandro, Mills Snell, & Michael Girdley Episode 102
Acquisitions Anonymous
Weird & Wonderful War Stories with Clint Fiore - Acquisitions Anonymous Episode 102
Show Notes

Mills Snell (@thegeneralmills) is joined by Clint Fiore (@ClintFiore), to talk about 2 War Stories where we get the broker's perspective. We have an aging owner, health issues, family dynamics, and Key operators involved. Then we have a second Deal where there’s some creative financing that must happen in order for the Deal to come through.
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Show Notes:

(0:00) - Introduction to Weird & wonderful War Stories with Clint Fiore
(1:07) - Our sponsor is
(3:39) - 1st story: The owner has a terminal illness & wants to sell
(7:30) - Walk us through a normal valuation process: How many sellers agree with it?
(8:00) - A seller’s perspective on minority owners: Avoid these mistakes.
(11:35) - There’s a systemic risk: General Manager needs to be involved in the Deal
(14:01) - Is it possible to use Equity instead of cash? Did you need third-party appraisals?
(19:25) - What is special about management buyouts?
(22:35) - 2nd story: Winning through a creative earn-out 
(25:34) - How to identify your low-hanging fruit for businesses on sale
(28:22) - What did you turn around to add that value?
(33:30) - What makes a seller pull out after LOI
(40:09) - How did you establish an earnout scheme?
(46:02) - Begin with the end in mind is my biggest advice




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